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Leukos Token, the Light of Web3

Leukos token is the utility token of webzerco an E- commerce platform. It will be used for transactional purposes on the platform.

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why Choose us

Why choose our Leukos Token

Community Driven

Our project was developed by the crypto and technology experts.

Utility Token

Our Token does not end in sale, you can use it to purchased products on our platform when launch.

Protect the

It was well designed with annonymous minded

Liquidity forever lock

You don't have to panic, our token is design to create asset.

For Everybody that love CORE

As a light sharer, we love core and embrace web3 project.

  • Presale/ITO: 20%
  • Business Development: 30%
  • CEX Launchedpad: 10%
  • Marketing/Airdrops: 10%
  • Treasury: 20%
  • Liquidity Locked Forever:5%
  • Community Support: 5%

Join our Community

LKT collection built with utility & community at the foundation we’re no strangers to building with utility in mind. That’s why every Leukos is also your key to our private Discord – where you’ll have admittance to our gated channels. Once inside, you will have exclusive access to events, airdrops, and access to the LKT spots of the most anticipated upcoming crypto based e-Commerce projects.

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1 LKT = 0.003 CORE

Webzerco is an E-commerce platform where companies, A group of people and individuals buy and sell goods and services over the Internet. A collection built with utility & community at the foundation, launch on CoreDAO Blockchain that feature a richly diverse and unique pool of rarity-powered traits

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Our Roadmap

Leukos Strategy and
Project Plan

Mid of Q3 2022


EVM support for Core SubQuery Academy Research
Mid of Q1 2023

LKT Testnet Token

LKT token Deployment Public incentivize Airdrop Data traffic insights and reporting
Mid of Q2 2023

LKT Token

Listing of Token Public Sale on IceCreamSwap Partnership with Major DEX
Mid of Q3 2023

e-Commerce Project

Testing Launch for e-Commerce Fully Launch of crypto based e-Commerce Partners and Promotion
Mid of Q4 2023

Design e-Commerce

Launch of the Apha Test e-Commerce Finalise design for the e-Commerce Acceptance of Investors
Mid of Q1-Q4 2024

Public Vendor Registration

Open vendor Application launch List and Uploading of Products Public launch of e-commerce
Mid of Q1 2025


SubQuery launches its
own parthian
SubQuery Foundation

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We are launching Leukos Token on the CoreDAO blockchain, which offers fast transactions, low fees and a secure, decentralized platform for buying, selling and trading. Leukos Token is quickly gaining recognition as one of the top crypto based e-commerce projects on the CoreDAO blockchain

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